Jason has over 800 hours in another type of cockpit: an Army Helicopter. About 600 of that includes being the commander of the aircraft plus performing duties as a primary trainer to junior pilots. These junior pilots possess the basic skills of being safe, predictable pilots but lack the experience and decision making skills to get the most out of the helicopter. This is when these junior pilots are handed to Jason to continue instructing, training, and coaching to build the experience needed to also become the commander of an aircraft.

Couple the 600 hours of being the primary trainer in an Army Helicopter with the 5 years of experience racing on tracks from Texas to New York gives Jason a unique perspective on high performance driving. Incorporating this past experience, Jason is in a unique position to help both aspiring enthusiasts and experienced racers develop and refine the craft of high performance driving.

Jason has knowledge employing data systems such as Traqmate, AiM, and Motec meaning he can help you improve no matter how the data is gathered. Instructing and coaching isn’t limited to everyone being at the race track! Jason has done just as much data and video review via skype, facebook live, and old fashioned phone conversations. For an example, a data and video review of Road Atlanta with several 944Spec racers is posted at the bottom of this page.

Jason has been coaching his fellow racers for several season now and has recently become a certified instructor with the National Auto Sport Association, Chin Track Days, and Just Track It. Additionally, he is a Level I graduate of the Motorsports Safety Academy HPDE Instructor Training program.


For further information or to schedule an event, contact Jason via the Contact page!

Jason’s 944Spec Data and Video Review of Road Atlanta